High and Mighty in White: The Power of Alta Motors’ Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike

October 6, 2021
White Horse

A white speed machine will come in high and mighty on the dirt tracks and dominate it.

Given the rise of electric-powered vehicles, the white horse of Alta Motors is ahead of the electric dirt bike niche with the introduction of a formidable motocross (MX) bike. It can compete with carbon-belching combustion motocross bikes. It gives a strong statement that the future of MX biking will be powered by zero-carbon, adrenaline-pumping motorcycles.

Let's get to know the Redshift MX Electric Bike.

In Focus: Alta Motors’ Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike

The Redshift MX is a 2018 electric motocross bike developed by Alta Motors that paves the way for this electric motocross maker to take motocross biking to a more eco-friendly yet high-performing level. This bike is ready to rule the off-road courses in a world filled with electric vehicles. Here are the points you need to know.

Design and Style

Bike Style - This Alta Electric Dirt Bike belongs to the motocross species, as the MX on its name states. The welded aluminum frame and the plastic bodywork casing are kept tight and slim with a few outlines and holes that expose the rear suspension and upper frame to achieve lightness. It has some unnecessary parts removed to keep it light, like the plates and the headlights. This bike is strictly for dirt trails only.

Paint Job - The pure white paint job makes you feel almost righteous hopping onto it. We love that the white is tainted with an edgy accent of yellow that grounds the stark white. Visibility-wise, this bike is an attention-grabber, but if you're not into purity, there's an orange-colored variation being sold in the market today.

Battery Design - The honeycomb battery style is a fun substitute for the engine and radiator. It is energy-packed, compact, and armed with a thermal shedding system to make sure the battery stays cool for the duration of the ride.


Fully electric that rides like it's not

The bike is definitely fully electric-powered, but the engine runs like it's fed on gasoline. The acceleration and torque of the engine are akin to any high-performing motocross dirt bike and what's awesome is how the electricity input makes it perform this way. It feels good to ride a dirt bike without adding to the carbon footprint.

Single-speed transmission makes it simple

The single gear transmission takes the headache off shifting gears on the dirt course's tricky sections. You don't need to shift down when charging a tight corner or prepare for the high gear when attacking a slope for longer air time. The engine and the throttle do all the work.

Sweet mileage range

The 350V lithium-ion battery can let you ride continuously for two hours before it dies out. When it does, you'll have to charge it for 2 to 4 hours at 240V and 120V, respectively. The battery pack is also IP67 waterproof and shock-resistant up to 20G.

Adequate top speed

The 40 horsepower engine coupled with a 120 kg weight is powerful enough to give you an estimated top speed of 120 miles per hour. That is a standard speed that most combustion bikes can shell out. No wonder the Redshift is poised to take over its fuel-powered MX counterpart. This motocross bike is ultra-fun if you like to speed through the tracks and jump high on the ramps.

Throttle control hits it spot on

The throttle is responsive. It can read your input on the throttle grip quickly and apply it to the motor, and you will feel the result immediately. The rheostat of the MX Alta bike is tuned to perfection, giving you exactly what you need at any given section of the dirt track.

Four map options

Manage the power output of the Redshift with its four map options. The ECO is the energy-saving option perfect for maximizing your range. The SPORT balances range and speed to give you performance on a budgeted output. The PERFORMANCE option allows the motor to spend the energy it needs to reach its limit. Finally, the OVERCLOCK option pushes the bike beyond its power limitation.

Highs and Lows


  • It stays on. Unlike manual transmission, fuel-powered dirt bikes that need some skills on the clutch, gear shifters, and throttle. The Alta Electric Bike is a single gear, electric-powered machine that, once the engine is on, stays on.
  • You can concentrate on your racing skills. The absence of the shifter, kick starter, and clutch allows you to focus on improving your racing skills like turning and braking effectively and knowing how to balance during a high jump.
  • There's enough power in this electric dirt bike to make it function even better than a regular motocross bike. We love that it can reach up to a 120 mph speed with 40 horsepower. This speed range will give a lot of wiggle room to play around with slopes and slanted corners seamlessly and in record times.


  • The moving parts of the Alta dirt bike generate considerable noise, particularly on the chain and tire. This can be annoying if you have ridden electric dirt bikes that barely hum when you squeeze the throttle.
  • The Alta electric dirt bike price costs over $10,000, which is a couple of thousand dollars more than the average price of a combustion motocross bike.

Motocross is Taken to Powerful New Heights

The Alta Motors Redshift MX electric dirt bike is an exciting replacement for the combustible bike.

Removing certain functions such as the shifters and the clutch plus the improvement of torque and top speed makes this bike a viable replacement for the combustion MX bike. There's no doubt that in the next few years, and with a couple more improvements, the electric MX bike will replace the gas-powered one.

On the other hand, it may not happen for a while. At least not until its price becomes on par with its combustible rival. But it does deliver enough power to get you just as excited about getting high and mighty on the slopes or skidding around the corners. The few thousand dollar additions you invest on this electric dirt bike will be worth it to get you ahead of taking motocross into new and powerful heights.

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