Restore Your Cycling Confidence with the Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Electric Bike

July 27, 2022
3 wheel electric bikes

Cycling isn't for all people. The idea of balancing on two wheels or conquering challenging terrain intimidates you. Perhaps, you've had a few close calls or even fallen off your bike in the past. 

Don't let that fear take over your curiosity! Check out the Addmotor Motan 3-wheel electric bike. This electric cargo bike is perfect for those who want to enjoy the freedom and fun of cycling without worrying about staying upright.

So, restore your confidence and read on to see what this electric tricycle can do for your situation.

Initial Glance of the Addmotor Electric Three-Wheel Bike

Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Ebike

On first inspection, you'll see that this metallic black electric trike looks like a well-made and sturdy ride. It appears to have a strong steel frame that can support a heavy rider's weight. The wide, fat tires and three-wheel design also mean that it can handle rugged surfaces. Plus, the spacious rear basket makes it easy to haul groceries or other items.

The built-in LCD and the integrated headlights and taillights are rare in electric bikes, making this one stand out even more. All things considered, the Addmotor electric tricycle seems like a great option for anyone who wants to try an outdoor adventure without the fear of falling off.

Delving into the Details: Addmotor Electric Three-Wheel Bike

Don't let the regular bike fall deplete your energy. Instead, bring back your joy in cycling and discover new things with the Addmotor electric bike. This motorized tricycle has many remarkable features, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of riding a standard electric bicycle.

Technical Specifications

Let’s narrow down the Addmotor trike’s technical specifications. This way, we can see if our first impression visualizes its real physical features.

Product Name: Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Ebike
Bike TypeElectric Trike
Wheel Size20''
Suspension TypeFront Suspension
Speed Number 7
Frame MaterialAluminum
Item Weight88 lbs.

What Makes the Addmotor Electric 3-Wheel Bike the Solution to Overcoming Cycling Fear?

Overcoming the fear of cycling is a huge barrier for many people. It's understandable given that it's easy to lose balance and fall with any traditional bike. But with three wheels, you have more luck staying in position. 

This is only one factor that makes an Addmotor adult 3-wheel electric bike the right choice for boosting your confidence in balancing. Besides that, it has other excellent components that let you protect yourself from an accident and enjoy the journeys ahead.

  • Powerful Motor: This electric vehicle has a strong 750-watt motor that provides strong electric power for navigating hills and other challenging terrains.
  • Pedal Assist or Throttle Mode: The pedal assist mode is great for beginners because it gives you extra help when pedaling. And if you find that you're getting more confident, you can switch to throttle mode and go at your own pace.
  • Dual Rear Brake Rotors: The dual rear brake rotors are the answer for many who fear being unable to stop the bike. They provide plenty of stopping power that is particularly essential when you’re on uneven or wet surfaces.
  • 7-Speed, Cassette 14-28 Tooth: At either minimum or maximum speed, you'll be able to go at a comfortable pace while having the ability to change gears quickly if you need to. 
  • Mozo Spring Suspension Fork: The Mozo spring suspension fork on this adult trike absorbs shocks and reduces vibration for a smooth ride.
  • Handlebar Stem: Its foldable, telescoping stem can be adjusted so that the height of the handlebars fits you.
  • Battery Location: The bike’s 17.5 Ah Panasonic battery pack placed at the downtube beneath the saddle contributes to the low center of gravity and overall weight stability.
  • Brake Taillight: If riders happen to fall, the bike's brake taillight will notify other riders and help prevent accidents.
  • Battery Life: This electric tricycle lasts for 800 charge cycles. It’s fun to relearn biking at a long distance without running out of juice.

Does Addmotor 3-Wheel Bike Need Improvement?

Although the Addmotor Motan bike is one of the best electric 3-wheel rides today, that doesn't necessarily mean it possesses all the good qualities of an electric trike. Of course, these improvements aren't a real deal-breaker, but they are still worth noting for future consumers.

  • Cargo Basket: The rear basket screws were cross-threaded and stripped on removal. This part made it difficult to remove the basket and caused the screw to strip when trying to reinstall it.
  • Steering Stop: This electric tricycle can be improved by adding a steering stop so that it can’t turn too far in either direction. Doing so would prevent accidents if the rider lost control of the bike.

FAQs About the Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Bike

If you're thinking about getting an Addmotor Motan 3-wheel bike, you probably have some questions. So here are a few of the customers’ concerns and their corresponding answers.

  • Are they water-resistant?

No, the Addmotor Motan trike is not water-resistant. It can handle some light rain and splashes, but it's better if you don’t use it during extreme weather conditions.

  • Does this trike come with fenders?

Yes, the fenders can help keep you clean and dry while riding, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

  • Can the seat of this electric trike be changed? 

The seat on this trike can be changed to a wider cruiser-type seat if desired for a more comfortable or upright riding position.

  • What is the height requirement for this type of electric trike?

It would be best if you were at least 5'2" to ride this bike, with the maximum height at 6'4".

Conquer the Fear Factor of Cycling with 3-Wheel Electric Bikes

Cycling can be a great way to get around, save money on gas, and improve your fitness. But for some people, the fear of cycling keeps them from reaping these benefits. 

With the Addmotor Motan 3-wheel electric bike, you can put that distress to rest. This sturdy and stylish e-bike makes conquering hills and distances easier than ever. With this, you can focus on enjoying the journey instead of fretting about keeping up.

Ready to face another bike path? Head over to Cyclebuddy and check out more bicycles and safety gear for your cycling needs!

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