Yamaha Electric Bike: What This Japanese Manufacturer Offers the Climate-Conscious Segment

March 2, 2022
yamaha electric bike

Yamaha is one of the first movers in the business of making electronic bikes. They have been around for 20 years and made their first eBike in 1989.

The first prototype bike had its motor and a detachable nickel-cadmium battery close to the rear derailleur; it pretty much looked like your average Japanese commuter. But this pioneer bike product quickly developed.

In 1993, Yamaha finished its development and started selling its first Pedal Assisted System (PAS) bikes with a larger battery pack and the motor close to the chainring.

To date, Yamaha has sold more than 2 million of its electric bikes and 4 million of its bike motor technology. The company is doing a good job tending to the planet's green transportation needs.

Yamaha Electric Bikes for Adults

To date, there are at least eight models of electric bikes available for the adult market segment. A common bike we see on the road—a hardtail electric bike that's built to function for urban settings—is the Cross-Connect. This product is a testament to how much Yamaha knows their customers and what they need.

Designed for adult commuting

Most of Yamaha’s electric mountain bikes have a hardtail frame that’s built for urban commuting. This frame design has a front fork suspension that absorbs impact from bumps on the road while the fixed rear is meant to offer stability.

Their adult electric bikes are also built with a distinct characteristic from a commuter bike—the option to install a rear rack. This functional rack is designed to carry stuff at the back and is perfect for commuters doing errands or carrying things for transport.

Features You Will Find on a Yamaha Electric Bike 

Here's a quick look at Yamaha's quality adult electric bikes that are out in the market today.

PW Series Drive Unit - This motor is installed on the bottom bracket near the chain, which lowers the center of gravity. This provides four levels of assistance, and the balance makes handling feel natural.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes - The brake system is composed of 160mm rotors on both the front and rear wheel. The brakes are supported with hydraulics for superior stopping power at any terrain difficulty.

LCD Display - The display mounted on the handlebar will show you the speedometer, odometer, trip meter, battery status and range, cadence, clock, and stopwatch. It also has a color-coded LED assist in letting you know exactly what mode you're on.

LED Headlight - The light comes from a part of the bike and is mounted at the center of the handlebar. It is a multifunctional LCD display function that can be turned on and off from there.

Battery - The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is at 500Wh, and it has it made to fit with a fast charger for shorter charge cycles. 

Rear Rack Ready - What's cool about their bikes is that it is ready for rear rack installation. If you get the model that already has one, the rack has an integrated LED light on its tail. The light can also be operated from the LCD control panel.

yamaha electric bike - A blue sports motorcycle named Yamaha R1

Electric Bike For Kids

The influence of Yamaha's sports motorcycles has extended to the younger market; Yamaha’s popular, adult-sized sports bikes have been scaled down to be enjoyed by kids.

Of course, the mini sports bike holds less power, but it is made better because it's powered by electricity. Yamaha has indirectly contributed to influencing the younger generation to become more climate-conscious by inspiring other eBike manufacturers to make sustainable versions of their motors. 

Quick Features of the Electric Sports Bike

Here's a quick look at the features of what makes it an awesome, eco-friendly toy bike for younger generations to train on.

General Make - The weight of the entire mini electric bike is 7,000 grams. The material used is made of durable plastic, so it lasts long yet doesn't weigh as much as adult bikes.

Speed - The toy bike carries a top speed of 4km per hour—perfect for youngsters to play around with. The speed is enough for them to have fun riding the electric bike.

Battery - The battery's capacity lasts for 40 to 50 minutes and can be charged for 8 hours straight. This makes the bike an excellent training tool for kids who want to transition to more powerful electric bikes.

Suitability - The bike has a weight capacity of 30 kilograms. It can carry an adult, but ideally, kids of 2 to 3 years old should be the ones riding this eBike

USB Music Input - A port is installed on the body of the bike where you can insert a USB and port music to the bike.

Realistic Motor Sound Effects - Apart from the music, it also has built-in sound effects that mimic the sound of a revving motor at a push of the start button.

Forward and Backward Drive Functions - This kids' electric bike has two driving functions. First, you can go forward and backward on the bike.

Additional training wheels - Apart from the front and rear wheel, the electric motorbike has two small training wheels installed in the middle to ensure your kid stays balanced while learning how to ride a motorcycle.

New Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike Concept

One notable contribution of Yamaha to the climate-conscious consumers is its support for developing a fully electric motocross (EMX) bike. Here's what is known about this two-wheeled vehicle so far.

A Competition-Built, Fully Electric MX Bike

The concept dirt bike is a fully electric motorcycle. The creator picks up after Alta's ashes when it stopped production of its performance electric bike. The inspiration is the same. It combines the characteristics of a traditional dirt bike and the clean and practical power of an electric motorbike. The creator, Elmar Dohms, worked hard to ensure the powertrain had the same amount of juice as the 250cc combustion motorcycle.

Yamaha's Contribution

Yamaha offered its YZ250F chassis for this project, among other things. The main developer of the EMX is Dohms, with the participation of SPIKE Technologies and a Netherlands-based motor organization KNMV.

The project stemmed from a need to make the sport more efficient by reducing the noise produced by combustion motorcycles while also addressing the climate crisis. Overall, it aims to revolutionize the motocross sport by proving that electric-powered bikes can be as fast and strong as combustible ones.

Current Situation

The Yamaha-supported concept dirt bike has made its debut track run in May 2021. The team behind the project is collecting rider feedback and further developing it into the ultimate speed machine it's meant to be.

Yamaha’s project dirt bike has also recently been signed as a participant in the E-Xplorer World Cup to compete with other electric dirt bike manufacturers, meant to advance the green MX technology to the level of a mainstream competitive sport.

There's a Yamaha Electric Bike for Everyone

Yamaha has proven that it is a company that can adapt to change. They clearly see a future that's progressing towards clean transportation. And they have gotten their toes into the game pretty early. While other products remain gas-operated, Yamaha is well on its way to providing sustainable transportation with gears and accessories for everyone, starting with bikes.

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