Start 'em Young: A Review of the Mototec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike - 1000W - Lithium Green

August 13, 2021
MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

Kids ages four and up have a lot of energy. If you're completely honest with yourself, you know you want to direct that energy somewhere else. It'll be nice to have the weekend spent peacefully at home, sitting in the front yard as you watch him knock himself out getting stoked with a nifty new toy.

Here are some of the good reasons why you should get your kids engaged in the sport of dirt biking and why the Mototec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike is the best choice for you.

Why get kids to start dirt biking?

Dirt biking is more than a hobby. It is a sport that kids can get into for recreational and social reasons, but there's also so much more to it than the opportunity to play with other kids.

Developing important values

Dirt biking is a sport that can teach them discipline, perseverance, taking risks, and sportsmanship. The practice of riding a bike gives your kid an opportunity to develop these essential values and learn from experience.

A productive channeling of talent

If you see all that potential in your kid, you would want to channel it into something productive. Something that they could carry throughout their formative years. Having a sport such as dirt biking can make effective use of your kid's talent. Who knows? If all goes well, your kid can grow up and make money as a pro.

It's fun

If nothing else, get your kid into dirt biking because it's fun. If you're one of the lucky ones who know how to ride a bike, you know how much fun it is. Why not share the rush with the most treasured human being in your life—your kid? Dirt biking has a lot of potential for endless fun, and you want your kid to have as much of it as he can before he grows up.

In focus: Mototec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike - 1000w - Lithium Green

We think the Mototec 36V Pro is worth focusing on as it makes for a good starter dirt bike. Your kid won't outgrow this model easily because it was designed to be enjoyed by both a complete beginner up to an intermediate or even advanced level rider.

As a parent, the investment you put in for this bike won’t hurt because it will outlive its cost before you even consider chucking this little speed machine.

Let's get started and tinker with the aspects of this junior dirt bike.

Style and design

The Mototec 36V Electric Dirt Bike (1000W Pro Version) can be easily confused with a traditional dirt bike, but the overall design nuance is leaning more on motocross. The seat height is a bit higher than most dirt bikes and doesn't have a tail light.

This is actually a good thing. While your kid can start off easy on this bike and ride it like a typical motorbike on the road, you have to be prepared for a higher range of performance, especially if your kid is really into the sport.

Here are some of the things we noticed that also work well for this electric bike.

Paint job - The lithium green is the most popular color version of this 36v electric dirt bike, and it is strategically positioned on areas where the leg will not obstruct it. This fulfills the function of visibility without overdoing it.

Bike frame - The frame is made of steel which is heavy but also tough. It can hold up to 150 lbs. of rider weight and makes sure the motor, battery, and circuitry of this Mototec dirt bike is held intact, both on and off-road

Tires - The tires' tread is patterned to accommodate a dirt trail. It's meaty and thick with a balanced spacing and uniform pattern. The tires are made to hold up on the dirt and mud.


Adjustable performance - The Mototec Electric Dirt Bike (1000W version) also has a gnarly response time, speed, and power adjustment situated where the fuel cap is supposed to be. You can tweak this electric bike's performance capacity to match your kid's experience level.

Full suspension - There are two hydraulic front shocks and one rear shock on the Mototec 36V Pro, making this bike ready for the light to heavy bumps and obstacles on a mountain trail. But if your kid is keen on jumping the slopes, the full-suspension will make it easy.

Can last up to 9 miles per charge - The Mototec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike (1000w Lithium Battery) has enough power to run for nine miles without stopping. Although it says thirty minutes when the battery pack has a full charge and the speed is adjusted to the maximum setting, it outlasts that duration on a typical ride with varying speeds. That's good enough for at least an hour or two of practice.

Up to 18 mph top speed - This electric bike can go as fast as 18 miles per hour with the highest speed adjustment. This is a good top speed for a mini electric bike, and it's also relatively safe, especially if your kid is starting to learn how to ride a dirt bike. The speed can go as low as 5 mph, but the average top speed on a standard setting is 15 mph.

Highs and lows


  • 1000w is a good long-term bike for your kid if they crave more speed as they grow up.
  • Over-delivered on the capacity of the bike to handle the continuous ride. It lasts more than 30 minutes on a typical ride.
  • Performance can be easily adjusted for both you and your kid.


  • Rear suspension shocks could do better in terms of ease of adjustment.

The kids’ bike to have

The Mototec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike (1000w lithium green version) is a bike that can grow up with your kid. You can start them out on this bike as young as four years old, and they can continue riding this machine until they're about thirteen—just the right time before they decide to go full blast on a higher-performing bike.

Speaking of high-performance. The Mototec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike isn't necessarily what you want to get your kid if he's going for professional dirt track racing. At optimum conditions, this bike is on the mid-range level. Nevertheless, it can perform spectacularly if you want to train your kid to master different off-road courses. The top speed, design, and battery duration is meant for light to moderate practice on off-road tracks, but as soon as you start seeing your kid develop dirt-biking skills that are disproportionate to his age level, it's time to make some new investments.

Overall, if you want to start your kid young on the sport of dirt biking, this would be a great bike to hone his skills and technique.

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