Cruise the Streets with Elegance: A NAKTO Electric Bike Review

February 21, 2022
nakto electric bike

Electric bikes are all the rage these days, and people are rushing to bike stores to get their hands on different models. That’s because aside from being a convenient means of transportation, they are fun, economical, and environmentally friendly.

If you are one of those looking for smart ways to make your daily commute easier or to leisurely cruise the streets with elegance, an electric bike is perfect for you. However, it can be tough to know which one you should choose with all the different types and brands in the market.

What to Look for in a Regular-Use Electric Bike?

Here is a detailed guide to help you determine which features to look for before purchasing an electric bike for everyday use.

Durable frame material

The materials used for the electric bike’s construction are a very important thing to check. Ensure that your electric bike is durable and sturdy for a long lifespan. Having a high-quality material also guarantees to wear resistance so that you won’t have any unexpected troubles with your electric bike.

Bike frames are usually made of aluminum, steel, and carbon steel. The most used frame material for commuting electric bikes is aluminum because it’s durable and wear-resistant. Meanwhile, steel is a budget-friendly material that can withstand bumps and scratches, and carbon is rigid yet lightweight. However, steel is heavier than carbon and has a higher likelihood of rusting.

Compact, removable battery with high capacity

You should look for a removable e-bike battery with a compact build but high capacity. The detachable feature will make the battery easy to charge or replace when necessary. Additionally, the compact build will lessen your e-bike’s weight, and the high capacity can ensure extended battery life.

Thus, you should check the battery wattage to know how fast and long you can travel on the electric bike. Furthermore, you should check the battery’s charging time to know if it’s suitable for you or not.

Convenient wheel size

A small wheel size, between 20 and 24 inches, is recommended for city commuters. That’s because it allows you to maneuver easily on busy streets. It may require you to pedal more frequently than when using a bigger wheel, but it’s not going to be a problem for electric bikes.

High handlebar for an upright sitting position

An electric bike with a high handlebar is most suitable for commutes and leisurely rides. It allows you to be more relaxed when traveling because you can sit upright, unlike off-road e-bikes. Thus, you can avoid any likelihood of back pain or strains. In addition, this feature gives you better route visibility, which is critical in avoiding accidents.

Built-in racks and baskets

Carrying an extra load should be easy and hassle-free when riding an electric bike to ensure your safety. Whether it be for carrying groceries, clothes, or office materials, your e-bike should have a built-in rack or basket. Additionally, your storage shouldn’t weigh heavily or take too much space that can hinder your e-biking experience.

The 22” Elegance NAKTO Electric Bike for Your Commuting and Leisure Needs

NAKTO is a reputable company that manufactures budget-friendly yet high-quality electric bikes. With their continuous technological innovation and development, they aim to provide durable and safe transportation at a reasonable price. Thus, their e-bikes are accessible to all, including the parts and accessories like the NAKTO electric bike battery charger.

Let’s check out one of their most popular electric bikes for everyday use, NAKTO’s 22” Elegance Electric Bike!

Product Specifications

Frame MaterialCarbon steel
Dimensions (L × W × H)60.5 × 21.6 × 40.5 in
Weight66 lbs.
Wheel Size22 × 1.75 in.
Maximum Speed18 mph
Range22 miles
Operating MechanismElectricManual
Suspension TypeRearFront
Brake SystemsShimano front drum brake Shimano rear disc brake
Drive ModesThrottlePASThrottle and PAS
Battery36V/10AH removable lithium-ion battery
Motor250W brushless geared hub motor
LightsFront LED light Reflective rear light
Maximum Load250 lbs.


✅ High durability

✅ Waterproof

✅ Elegant design

✅ Adjustable seat

✅ 35Nm maximum torque

✅ 1–5 levels of pedal assist

✅ LCD display

✅ Long-lasting, removable lithium-ion battery

✅ NAKTO electric bike charger

✅ 4-hour charging time

✅ E-bike manual

✅ Rear rack and front basket

✅ Front and rear lights

✅ Accessory kit inclusion

✅ Tool kit inclusion


❌ Heavier than other e-bikes

❌ Challenging tire replacement process

What We Loved About NAKTO’s 22” Elegance E-Bike

Let’s take a look at what makes NAKTO’s 22” Elegance Electric Bike the best electric bike choice for everyday use!


The NAKTO e-bike has a powerful rear hub brushless motor that makes cycling almost effortless on paved roads. With 250 watts, you can cycle with a full 18 mph speed. It also has a 38Nm torque that ensures controlled acceleration. Furthermore, the electric bike has 1 to 5 levels of pedal assist to give you extra power when pedaling.

In addition, its integrated lithium battery is long-lasting and can take you 22 miles on a single charge. So you don’t need to worry about running out of battery while on the road. The e-bike’s brake system is also very reliable, which comprises Shimano’s drum brake feature, V-brake, and E-brake. This ensures low maintenance stopping power, making it perfect for all kinds of weather.

NAKTO’s electric bike also comes with a small LCD screen, giving you information about your voltage level status, PAS level status, current speed, and more. It also gives you access to different settings necessary for operation, such as the drive modes.


The electric bike’s durable and sturdy frame ensures long-lasting use, especially because it’s rust-proof and perfect for all kinds of weather. It also has a shorter rear chainstay than other e-bikes, so it is more responsive and easier to handle.

Its 22-inch tires have a fast-rolling tread design and small ramped knobs. These tire features provide stability and traction while ensuring a fast-rolling experience. Furthermore, it has a full-throttle design that promotes ease of use. Thus, you can easily adjust your speed with convenience.

Stylish and user-friendly design

NAKTO’s Elegance e-bike has a very charming design that’s suitable for any rider, though it only has one color option. It can serve as an electric bike and an ordinary pedal bike, so you have the freedom to choose which operating mode you’re comfortable with during the ride. Its comfortable suspension and intuitive full throttle also offer maximum ease of use.

The affordable electric bike is easy to assemble with the help of NAKTO’s user manual and tool kits. It also features high handlebars to give you good posture while cycling and protect your back from sprains. This also allows you to see your routes clearly and reduces the chances of accidents.

In addition, Elegance has an ergonomic saddle with a quick-release alloy lever that allows you to conveniently adjust the seat to your desired height. This offers more comfort while cycling because you don’t need to adjust your posture to fit the seat’s height instead. Moreover, it has a rear cushion made of sponge-filled wear-resistant leather, so you can enjoy riding with others.

The e-bike comes with a LED front headlight and reflective rear light that gives you visibility of 15 meters to ensure your safety even at night. It also has a side kickstand design with good stability to keep your e-bike balanced.

Final Thoughts

NAKTO’s 22” Elegance Electric Bike has its fair share of drawbacks, but they don’t overshadow the wonderful features the e-bike offers. It provides reliability, safety, and maximum convenience at an affordable price. Furthermore, it offers a hassle-free cycling experience at a decent speed for an ideal ride.

We hope that this electric bike recommendation has been helpful to you. If you want additional information about e-bike gears and accessories like the NAKTO electric bike battery charger or other things, don’t hesitate to check out our website!

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