Work Days on the Streets, Days Off in the Wild: An Ancheer 26-Inch 500w Electric Bike Review

April 5, 2022
500w electric bike

Like most bike commuters, you probably can't wait to ride your bike for the weekend. But have you ever thought about using your bike to get around town during the week? Riding a bike is a great way to save money on gas and parking, and it's also good for your health. With an Ancheer 500w electric bike, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! 

In this blog post, we will discuss what makes it the best electric bike you can use on your way to work and the excellent off-road bike you can use for your adventures. Let’s begin!

Ancheer’s Aim to Provide Well-Rounded Bikes

Ancheer has always aimed to create bikes that riders can use on the road and when they are out for an adventure. The brand manufactures city bikes, mountain bikes, fat tire mountain bikes like the Ancheer 26-inch wheel 500w fat tire electric mountain bike and folding electric bikes. While each is best for certain terrains, you can have the best of both worlds with the Ancheer 26-inch wheel, new upgraded electric mountain bike, 500w-speed. If you are the biker type who works in the concrete jungle for a living but recharges and finds solace biking on rough roads, this bike is especially for you!

Ancheer 26-Inch, Streets and Off-Road 500W Electric Bike

Let’s get into the details of why this is the bike of your dreams, the bike that will make you look chic on the road and make you look renegade in rougher terrains. From the frame to the batteries, the handles to the wheels, let’s check what the Ancheer 26-inch mountain bike is. 

ancheer 500w electric bike

The Basics

With its 26-inch wheel diameter, the Ancheer mountain and commuting bike are best used by bikers with a height of 5.5”-5.9”, from teenagers to elders. To get the most comfortable feel when biking, adjust the biker seat accordingly from a 30.4-inch to 39-inch. When driving this bike, it is best to stick to the maximum load of 150-kg to experience the promised speed, bike farther, and make the battery life last longer. If you plan to take it on a trip and load it in your car, its total weight is 20.2-kg with its battery on. It is lightweight as it is made of aluminum alloy

Battery Details

You can charge the 36V/12.5Ah battery of this electric bike while attached to the bike or remove it and charge it on any compatible plug. Be sure to fix your schedule if you plan to use the full-electric mode on your next ride, as it takes six hours to get the battery fully charged. If you have a full nine-hour shift, you can charge the battery while you hustle at work. Meanwhile, when driving off the road and needing a charge, you can stop by the nearest pit stop and have a little hiking adventure or get to know the locals while waiting for your ride to charge. 

Distance and Speed Competency

You can drive the Ancheer 26-inch mountain bike on full-electric, pedal-assist, or human pedaling modes. When electric-powered, it can run at a maximum speed of 20 mph: thanks to its 500W power and 64 Nm torque. Get your safety helmet and padding on before enjoying a thrilling ride for the next 15-30 miles. Say goodbye to late time-ins at work too! 

You can also drive it more relaxed and enjoy the scenery when you go manual. You can conveniently adjust your modes and speed using the bike’s LED display and controls attached to the bike’s handle. 


There may be moments when the adventure you seek is not close by, and you need to travel via car or even commute. Or do you ever think about taking your bike with you on business trips? The process sounds a little challenging, but with a good ride, you can conquer anything to satisfy your escapade-loving soul. You do not need to worry that much as the Ancheer 26-inch street and the off-road bike weighs only 22.2-kg, a manageable weight to lift and put on the top load of any vehicle. You can go on a road or business with this bike without worrying that it'll stress you out!


Outdoor bikes look robust and maybe a little bulky, while street bikes emanate a laid-back look. So, when it is perfect for the streets and off-road rides, you surely quickly check on how the bike looks. The Ancheer mountain bike will not fail you in all aspects, including visuals.

The bike has a minimalist and modern look, flexible, and can fit excellently in the wild and city streets. Its frame handles, seat, battery, and wheels have a pitch-black color. It is accentuated with white and red streaks on the frame and wheels. 

Street Bike and Off-Road Bike

This bike is a godsend for individuals like you who hustle on your workdays and give yourself time to breathe through biking on your days off. You’ll be proud to drive the Ancheer electric mountain bike on the streets because of its sleek look. The classic black color is perfect for your casual look, and you can even brave the concrete jungle on a suit with this ride. 

You can drive in manual, electric, or pedal-assist modes in the exciting outdoors. Relax on smooth roads by driving on electric mode, and challenge your flexibility and agility on rough mountain terrain by pedal-assist or full manual. With its front suspension fork, even the bumpiest terrains are more manageable to ride on.

Areas for Improvement

The Ancheer mountain bike has all the wonderful features you will love as a biker. Nevertheless, some areas about this bike still need improvement, like the variety of its color. You do not have much choice for its colors as it only has one design. If you take weekends and holiday biking adventures easily, a folding electric bike would be most favorable for you, but this Ancheer bike isn’t designed to fit inside your car trunk. 

Final Thoughts

The Ancheer 26-inch electric bike is a versatile option for anyone looking for an all-around ebike. With its street and off-road capabilities, this bike makes for a reliable everyday buddy. The battery life is good, distance and speed are impressive and visually appealing. Some areas could be improved upon. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent electric bicycle that does it all. You can now have an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to get to work and have exciting adventures after the busy work week. 

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