Want a Thrilling Off-Road Adventure? Here Are Our Top Picks for a 4-Wheeled Gas-Powered and Electric Dirt Bike

March 23, 2022
electric dirt bike

If you’re looking for thrilling adventures, diving into extreme sports may be for you. And to level up your experience, why not try racing on dirt bike tracks to really challenge your skills? 

In this article, we'll help you pick a top-rated electric dirt bike for adults. We'll look at its features and determine if it is the right bike for your thrill-seeking needs. 

Take note of these dirt bikes to know what to get for your next bike purchase. 

More Fun with All-Terrain Vehicles: Our Top 4 Picks 

It's time to break away from the traditional two-wheeled dirt bikes and try a vehicle that can take you on tougher roads. Here are the top four highly rated quad electric bike options available in the market today. You'll surely enjoy your rides on these bad boys. 

offroad 1000w electric ATV

Offroad 36-V 1000-W Electric ATV 

The first on our list is the Offroad 1000-watt electric ATV. This ride is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. So, if your whole family is into extreme sports, you can conquer the roughest roads with this ATV. 


  • This ride is suitable for anyone ten years old and up and can carry up to 220 pounds of weight. The ATV features air-filled, tubeless tires with a steel frame for durability. 
  • Offroad has a dual-suspension system to give you a smoother and more comfortable ride. The front has a double-arm fork suspension, and the rear has an installed silicone coil suspension to absorb vibrations on rough roads. 
  • The 36-volt, 1000-watt motor can give you a thrilling riding experience. You can go as fast as 20 mph at top speed and customize it to go slower if your kids are going to use them. The motor also features an air-cooling technology that prevents overheating for longer service life. 
  • The bike has an electric control system that allows your bike to go forward, reverse, or stay in neutral with a simple push of a button. The twist-grip throttle also features different speed settings, from high speed to medium and low. 


  • Although this ride has a powerful motor that can conquer elevations up to 12 degrees, the 36-volt battery can only run up to a little over an hour, depending on your speed. Also, it only covers a distance between 13 and 16 miles. 
Razor Quad 500 watt ATV

Razor Dirt Quad 500 

The Razor Dirt Quad is the best choice for younger riders and adults. No matter who the rider is, its size allows for total control of the vehicle on rugged roads. 


  • You can bring this electric bike to dirt and muddy roads without a problem. It runs on a 500-watt hub motor with a high torque internal gear set. The internal gears have a self-adjusting feature to ensure they are in the proper setting on any terrain you ride on. 
  • Powering the Razor Dirt Quad are three sealed lead acid batteries accessible via a quick-change compartment. You can simply detach the batteries for charging instead of bringing the whole ride to a power outlet. 
  • The large form of this ATV can hold up to 220 pounds of weight and features an adjustable riser handlebar to customize the handle's height depending on the rider's reach. 


  • Users report that the motors of some units create a loud clacking noise after driving them on the grass and even pavement. In this case, have them replaced while they are still under warranty; the same goes for other issues like batteries or brakes. But if the parts need replacement when the warranty is expired, get electric dirt bike accessories only from the manufacturer to ensure they are compatible with the ride. 
X-PRO Storm 125cc ATV

X-PRO Storm 125 Big Boys 4 Wheelers 

If you need more power and time to enjoy your ride, a gas-powered bike may be more to your liking. The four-wheeled X-PRO Storm can give you a thrilling adventure at an affordable entry price, changing the way you ride. 


  • The X-PRO Storm is easy to assemble, making it the perfect ATV for riders with no experience with four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, you can ride this safely in the dark because it has a headlight installed, a feature that is not common for ATVs. 
  • The ATV boasts 6.1KW horsepower, which performs better than other 125-cc rides. Also, the engine has an air-cooling system designed to prevent it from overheating. Thus, you can use your motor at full power for longer periods. 
  • The X-PRO Storm has an electric start button and an automatic transmission to eliminate manual clutches, making this ride safe for your kids to use too. 
  • The ATV has a durable double-chain drive, so it's not susceptible to breakage and needs less maintenance, giving you significant savings in the long run. 


  • Some customers report receiving defective parts: the headlights were not working, and the throttles broke after gaining speed. 
X-PRO 200 Utility ATV

X-PRO 200 Utility Full-Size ATV 

The X-PRO 200 is the best ATV to bring your riding adventures to a different level. It is top of the line in terms of build, components, and performance. Moreover, its large frame and wheels can conquer any terrain with comfort, stability, and control. 


  • This ATV has a 169-cc engine, which is more powerful than most ATV engines. In addition, all X-PRO models have a cooling system that makes their motor engine outlast other brands. 
  • This ride features dual headlights for excellent lighting in the dark; it also comes with taillights, which allow you to maneuver backward easily. 
  • The utility design of the ATV allows you to bring extra weight with you. It’s the perfect vehicle if you want to go on off-the-grid camping adventures. In addition, this ATV has a rear rack for extra storage and a front bumper to protect you in case of impacts. 
  • The ATV has automatic transmissions, so you won't have to worry about manual gear shifting. This configuration is convenient for beginners as well as older kids who like extreme sports. 


  • The X-PRO 200 costs almost $2000. That’s a pretty big investment, especially if you’re on a budget and just learning to ride. So, if you're looking for a budget-friendly price, other models and brands offer a lower price. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes fun means soaking under the sun and getting dirt and dust all over you while riding a powerful electric dirt bike in challenging terrains. We hope these four picks will help you choose your next ride for your big adventure. For more adult electric dirt bike reviews and buying guides, check out our other blog posts.

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