All Ducks in a Row With a 4-Wheeled Electric Bike: The Agricultural Perks of Electric Quad Bikes

February 4, 2022
4 wheel electric bike

When it comes to farming, you often think of taking the dirty and exhausting route all the way. You can imagine yourself feeling the sticky sweat crawling on your skin as you hustle under the hot sun, wondering if the work will ever meet its end. Even for veteran farmers, agricultural duties don't come easy (they just get better at dealing with it).

But what if you can make farming duties easier and cooler? The 4-wheeled electric bike was invented for the modern-day farmer who wants to enjoy and, at the same time, be super productive in their fieldwork.

Aren't tractors stronger and more reliable? Now, we understand that perspective. So we're going to tell you right now that a quad bike couldn't win over the big-game trusty tractors. But hold on for a second! Don't skip this article because you're in for some incredible perks of using 4-wheeled e-bikes.

If you're buying a bike for fun and efficient modern-day farming tasks, this e-bike might be right up your alley! Here's everything you need to know about using an electric quad bike for your farming duties.

A Quick Look on 4-Wheeled E-bikes and How They Work

4-wheeled e-bikes (also called quadbikes, quadricycles, ATVs, or UTVs) are the same as other e-bikes. Depending on how much power you utilize, they work through electricity and have a rechargeable battery to run for hours. Their only difference is their intended use, bulkier construction, and 4-wheeled structure.

Like standard, traditional quad bikes, electric quad bikes are often used to cross expansive lands. However, they are quieter, less expensive, and require little to no maintenance at all. For these reasons, many modern-day farmers switch to this electric vehicle.

5 Cool Perks of E-Quad Bikes for Farm Use

Working on a farm is not easy. Every day, farmers are faced with the challenge of getting out in the field and doing their job. The 4-wheeled e-bike is an excellent solution, providing many benefits that make rural life easier and more enjoyable.

Let's explore the five major perks of electric quad bikes that you might not know about and how they could help with your farming tasks.

Transport Without Effort

Mobility is arguably the greatest advantage of a 4-wheeled e-bike. Worried about carrying loads of farm supplies or moving a bundle of hay across your farmstead? No problem. This bike makes transportation easier and faster for you, something that isn't easy with a pick-up truck or a trusty tractor.

Attaches with Various Necessary Farming Tools

A 4-wheel e-bike allows you to attach various farming tools to it. Whether it's a plow, trailer, rake, harrow, or lawnmower, this bike can help you handle the demands of the equipment and help you with seamless field preparation. There's nothing better than easily sowing seeds to prepare your fields for planting.

4 wheel electric bike - electric bike trailer hitch

Chase After Farm Animals

It's not farming life without episodes of chasing after enthusiastic calves, goats, or sheep. They might escape from an open fence, try to skip vaccine day or get into herding chaos. It won't be easy to run after them, knowing how animals can easily outperform humans. Hence, the electric quad bike can be handy in these situations. Simply attach a catching device and drive your way towards them.

Quick Scan in the Vast Lands

Some of your day-to-day farming operations include checking up on crops and animals. You want to ensure that they are all healthy and growing. Additionally, you have to inspect the fences for security features. If you have a large farm, a walking tour can be exhausting. So do yourself a favor and hop on an electric quad bike.

Spend a Cool and Peaceful Day at the Farm

That's right. We believe you can still enjoy a pleasant day on the fields even if you're there to work. A 4-wheeled e-bike has a quiet but powerful motor and produces zero fumes so that you can experience a serene and sustainable ride on the farm.

Moreover, these four wheels undeniably rock! They incorporate incredible designs that make you look like a badass movie star in a classic film. They are so much fun to ride—you might even forget you're there for work and consider it as a recreational activity!

4 wheel electric bike - trailer hitch electric bike rack

When Should You Not Use a 4-Wheeled E-bike?

Undoubtedly, quad bikes are so fun and reliable in agricultural tasks and off-road cycling or racing. However, they're just like any other vehicle in the world: they're not for everyone. Under these conditions, you won't benefit that much from this 4-wheeled device.

  • If you want to carry a huge amount of hay or other farm supplies that a tractor usually carries and transports (you're better off with a trusty tractor).
  • One type of quad bike called electric all-terrain vehicles (ATV) have smaller attachment systems, so they might slow down your fieldwork in very large areas. In that case, switch to a utility task vehicle (UTV) or tractor. 
  • ATVs have less mobility and can't carry passengers. Quad bikes are originally made for a single passenger, so it is best to provide another vehicle if someone else accompanies you in your fieldwork.

Get Your Ducks in a Row in the Coolest Way You’ll Ever Know

Electric quad bikes are one of the best modern-day vehicles to get around your farmstead. They're not just mighty, quiet machines; they also provide you with many benefits that make work easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, they are environment-friendly and maintenance-free. So get that farm job done quickly, smoothly, and with lots of fun!

Want to know more about e-bikes? We'll be happy to help you out with tons of informative articles, reviews on bike brands, and buying guides so that you can make an informed purchase!

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